Fangkai JIAO


Nanyang Technological University 2022.8 - 2026.6 (expected)

Shandong University 2019.9 - 2022.6

GPA: 90.12/100

Shandong University 2015.9 - 2019.6

GPA: 85.03/100

Research Interests


* means equal contribution.

Enhanced Multi-domain Dialogue State Tracker with Second-order Slot Interactions

Fangkai Jiao, Yangyang Guo, Minlie Huang, and Liqiang Nie. TASLP 2022. [pdf] [code]

MERIt: Meta-Path Guided Contrastive Learning for Logical Reasoning

Fangkai Jiao, Yangyang Guo, Xuemeng Song, Liqiang Nie. Findings of ACL 2022. [pdf] [code]

Personalized Fashion Compatibility Modeling via Metapath-guided Heterogeneous Graph Learning

Weili Guan, Fangkai Jiao, Xuemeng Song, Haokun Wen, Chung-Hsing Yeh and Xiaojun Chang. SIGIR 2022. [pdf] [code]

REPT: Bridging Language Models and Machine Reading Comprehension via Retrieval-Based Pre-training

Fangkai Jiao, Yangyang Guo, Yilin Niu, Feng Ji, Feng-Lin Li, Liqiang Nie. Findings of ACL 2021. [pdf] [code]

Liqiang Nie, Fangkai Jiao, Wenjie Wang, Yinglong Wang, and Qi Tian. Transactions on Image Processing (TIP) 2021. [pdf] [code]

A Self-Training Method for Machine Reading Comprehension with Soft Evidence Extraction

Yilin Niu*, Fangkai Jiao*, Mantong Zhou, Ting Yao, Jingfang Xu and Minlie Huang. ACL 2020. [pdf] [code]



An Pytorch Implementation of Multi-Granularity Hierarchical Attention Fusion Networks (ACL 2018). [code] (75 stars)


Lanboat 2022.4 - 2022.7

Intern. Mentored by Yulong Wang and advised by Dr. Ming Zhou
Working on semantic parsing (NL2SQL) and machine reasoning.

ByteCamp, Bytedance 2021.8.1 - 2021.8.7

Working on self-supervised pre-training for dialogue response selection.

Damo Academy, Alibaba Group 2020.7 - 2021.2

Research Intern. Advised by Dr. Feng Ji and Dr. Feng-Lin Li
Working on Pre-training for question answering.

CoAI Group, Tsinghua University 2018.10 - 2019.8

Research Intern. Advised by Prof. Minlie Huang
Working on reading comprehension and dialogue state tracking.

Honors & Awards

Dean’s Scholarship School of Computer Science and Technology, Shandong University, 2021
Dean Scholarship School of Software, 2018
Bronze Medal in the ACM-ICPC Asia Regional Contest Urumqi Site ICPC, 2017
Silver Medal in the ACM-ICPC Asia Regional Contest Qingdao Site ICPC, 2017
Bronze Medal in the ACM-ICPC Asia Regional Contest China-Final ICPC, 2016
Silver Medal in the ACM-ICPC Asia Regional Contest Qingdao Site ICPC, 2016
National Scholarship Ministry of Education, 2016